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Multifaceted Evolution of the Cisco's Virtual Infrastructure (CVIM) Cloud Platform

An IaaS platform must accommodate and adapt to requirements from multiple perspectives, including hardware, software, and workloads. In this talk, we will illustrate how Cisco's OpenStack NFV platform (CVIM) addresses true customer needs in terms of footprint and workload type, while ensuring features like ease of operation, multi-backend storage, and security continue to evolve. 

This talk will also demonstrate how we are bringing in the Cisco Container Platform (CCP) as an application on CVIM, with an option to run Kubernetes workloads on VMs or bare metal hosts. By giving customers the flexibility to run VNFs on bare metal hosts, VMs, or containers - all on the same platform - CVIM provides users with a mechanism to move their VNFs to a cloud native offering over time, without adding the learning curve of another platform.


Wednesday, November 14, 2:30pm-3:10pm (1:30pm - 2:10pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
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Ajay Kalambur works as a Principal Engineer in Cisco’s Cloud Platform Solutions group working on the architecture and development of Cisco’s Virtualized Infrastructure manager Platform. Ajay has been working on OpenStack since the Icehouse release.  Ajay has been specializing in OpenStack high availability, Openstack deployment and recently on Openstack edge computing. Ajay... FULL PROFILE
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Neelima Mukiri is a Principal Engineer in Cisco's Cloud Platform Solutions group working on the architecture and development of Cisco's Container Platform. Prior to this she worked on core virtualization layer at VMware and systems software in Samsung Electronics. FULL PROFILE
Director of Private Cloud Engineering, responsible for Cisco's Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (CVIM) and Container Platform (CCP). Working on developing a fully automated cloud platform that supports VM, Container and Baremetal workload FULL PROFILE