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Defining bare metal provisioning capabilities within Airship

Airship is an OSF incubator project for taking infrastructure from bare metal to container orchestration to cloud, using a uniform set of declarative YAML documents.

Airship in turn has a YAML-driven, pluggable bare metal provisioning API called Drydock.  The initial driver for Drydock uses MaaS for provisioning, but there was substantial interest at the PTG in adding an Ironic driver as well.  In addition, there was a desire to enhance Drydock to natively support "bring your own provisioned OS" type scenarios.

The purpose of this forum is to

1. Discuss the capabilities/use cases of Drydock using an Ironic plugin, and talk through any anticipated challenges

2. Guage interest in additional bare metal provisioning technologies, e.g. Luna

3. Understand the range of operator needs around declarative bare metal provisioning, see whether Airship is a good fit, and invite additional folks to collaborate


What can I expect to learn?

Each operator is a snowflake, and brings different use cases, requirements, and operational experience to their cloud deployment.  Airship is intended to make it seamless to integrate a collection of containerized platform components, and to manage their Day 1 and 2 operations in an automated way via a library of YAML documents.  Since bare metal provisioning varies widely from one operator to the next, it's important to the direction of Airship that the range of operator needs be discussed and factored into the project roadmap.

Tuesday, November 13, 5:10pm-5:50pm (4:10pm - 4:50pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Alan Meadows works as an Cloud Platform Architect at AT&T, responsible for designing, maintaining, and scaling Cloud infrastructure that spans hundreds of datacenters with mission critical telecom requirements. FULL PROFILE
Matt is a cloud engineer living in Saint Louis, Missouri.  He's participated in a number of OpenStack-related efforts in the community, and integrates this work within AT&T as part of its Network Cloud platform.    He has been working in the OpenStack community for about two and a half years; first in a supervisory capacity for AT&T -- onboarding, mentoring, and... FULL PROFILE