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Berlin Hackathon: Hacking the Edge hosted by Open Telekom Cloud

Motivation pitch/challenge 

From a provider's perspective, classic OpenStack clouds are usually made up of centralized pieces of hardware in a few data centers. The new Edge Computing paradigm means that core infrastructure may also be distributed. With the OpenStack Hackathon before the Berlin Summit, we plan to explore applying this idea to a sample cloud with Raspberry Pis, edge routers, SoC bord designs, and other gadgets you may bring from your toy box. The challenge is to design and run a demo cloud where everybody can be an operator and we are able to collaboratively work on data provided by sensors.

Requirements/what to bring

The challenge is open to anyone interested in hacking and all skills are welcome. As we plan to create an OpenStack cloud, some knowledge in its projects and modules might come in handy. Even if you are not a Nova developer or engineer, but have some knowledge in Python, Ansible or network configuration, we'll find a team and a task for you. Do you have plenty of ideas but your coding skills are somewhat rusty? Join us as a product owner or requirement engineer! Do you love to write about stuff? We want you as a chronicler! Are you good with colors, images, or design? Help us to make the hackathon's result look good!
If you have hackable devices, bring them to the event. We'll also provide a selection of gadgets. Some Linux support for that device might be helpful. Otherwise it should be able to run Python. A network adapter that connects the device to a wifi or other wireless network is helpful. If you have other sensors, bring them along. We recommend bringing your notebook computer, so that you have familiar tools at and.. We'll have an OpenStack tenant available to host some services.
Saturday, November 10, 10:00am-4:00pm (9:00am - 3:00pm UTC)