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OpenStack at large retail enterprise - Boon or bane?

Thomas Lunkwitz will talk about METRONOMs experience with OpenStack in a large enterprise. “Open source first, but not open source only” is the motto to provide business-oriented products and solutions. Besides many technical problems which need to be solved, the culture is changing too.
Thomas will also talk about his experience as product owner with OpenStack, CEPH and the cultural change which is still ongoing. He will provide some insights about his growth with open source as well as the architecture and chances METRONOM sees in open source and cloud-based business. He and his team grew up from zero OpenStack knowledge, over the first productive environments based on a commercial distribution towards their actual release based on OpenStack Ansible and CEPH Ansible.
He will describe why METRONOM sees a great potential in open source, how he and his team manage it and why open source is not fully “free of charge”. A community is based on its contributors, so as part of METRONOMs cultural change, contribution to open source communities is getting more and more important.

METRONOM is the tech unit of METRO, a leading international wholesale and food specialist company. With their 2,000 team members located in Germany and internationally, they are the spearhead and backbone of METRO for the future of food. Whenever you eat at a restaurant in one of the 25 countries we are serving, it is likely that their technology or products have been used in the process. From Lisbon to Tokyo, they are setting the pace in food and technology.

Wednesday, November 14, 4:20pm-5:00pm (3:20pm - 4:00pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Product Owner Compute Cloud at METRONOM
Thomas Lunkwitz has been working for METRONOM for sixteen years now. He grew up as a network specialist for WAN and LAN. In 2014 METRONOM started a project to evaluate OpenStack, to see whether it could be a solution to provide an internal IaaS in competition to public cloud providers. He joined this team as a network specialist at first and while OpenStack moved its status from a project to a... FULL PROFILE