Join us November 13-15, 2018 in

Berlin, Germany

The next Open Infrastructure Summit is going to be in Denver, April 29-May 1. Check out the agenda.

Event Details

What we learned building a Zuul CICD Cloud

Community infrastructure donations are the lifeblood of Zuul feeding it compute resources. We want to share our experiences building, operating, and donating a private OpenStack cloud dedicated the Zuul CI/CD project to the OpenStack community. Starting from an initial idea, finding parties willing to donate bare metal, cloud architecture, system deployment, day two operational concerns, we'll take you through our journey towards making this dream a reality. We were amazed at the support we received from the OpenStack community at large helping us overcome technical hurdles. We want to share our experiences, tricks, and tips hopefully encouraging others to make their own donations in the future.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees will be given an overview of our experiences building and operating a private, CI/CD purpose-built cloud, dedicated for use as the compute engine for the OpenStack Zuul project. This will include design considerations on the hardware front, OpenStack architecture and configuration design considerations, performance and functional testing methodology, and monitoring infrastructure specific to a CI/CD purpose-built cloud.

We'll touch on technical glitches experienced that are unique to providing resources to a CI/CD environment and how that impacts the design decisions and implementation.

Lastly, we'll touch on how the OpenStack community at large, stepped in to help us get this cloud up and running!

Tuesday, November 13, 11:00am-11:40am
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
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