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Monitoring as a Service in the HPC Cloud

When applications move to the cloud, the first move is to recreate the same platform on software defined infrastructure.  This falls short of the true potential of cloud.  OpenStack infrastructure can offer so much more - once cloud users become aware of the powerful APIs and services available to them.

Here we describe how to take HPC cloud migration to the next level.  We’ll demonstrate the integration of Monasca services for monitoring and logging for performance-focussed deployments.  We’ll show how this unlocks best-of-breed performance telemetry for all users, and how this opens new opportunities for users and admins to understand and optimise their applications.

We’ll demonstrate some case studies using the instrumented platforms available on the hpcDIRECT cloud.

What can I expect to learn?

We will describe how we configure OpenStack Monasca to collect tenant telemetry and logging.

We will provide details on how tenant instances are configured to submit their monitoring data to the Monasca API.

We will provide details on how Monasca's transforms are used to extract and enrich telemetry data and present it in useful and interactive ways.

Finally we will demonstrate the whole process operating end-to-end for a real-world test case.

Wednesday, November 14, 3:30pm-3:40pm (2:30pm - 2:40pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
StackHPC Ltd
Stig has a background in R&D working for various prominent technology companies, particularly in HPC and software-defined networking.  Stig is now CTO for StackHPC, a consultancy specialising in the convergence of cloud, HPC and big data.  Stig is also co-chair of the OpenStack Scientific Special Interest Group, a globally-distributed grouping of research institutions using OpenStack for... FULL PROFILE
Head of Cloud Engineering
I've been involved in Openstack since 2011 and worked at Canonical on Openstack between 2012 - 2015 I worked as an Openstack Infrastructure Architect at Stack Evolution Ltd, until 2017 I now work as Head of Cloud Engineering for the hpcDIRECT project at Verne Global. We are delivering hpc as a service from an Iceland data centre. FULL PROFILE