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Realization of Infrastructure and Network APIs at the Edge

While initial software at the Edge will consist of wireless as well as wireline access and core network functions, the real innovations will be driven by 3rd party applications such as IoT, media, analytics, AR/VR etc. Pervasive edge optimized software development and fast deployment of these 3rd party applications, however, will require open APIs towards the edge infrastructure and network services. In addition to ease of onboarding, these APIs will enable ways to use information about the network and the available resources.   

In this presentation, we will share:

  • Key architectural options of exposing infrastructure (e.g., OpenStack, Kubernetes, hardware etc.) and network (e.g., 5G RAN, Core etc.) APIs at the Edge.
  • API requirements of 3rd party applications at the Edge. What is their ‘want’ vs. ‘need’?
  • The role of OpenStack, Kubernetes, ONAP etc. to include infrastructure information in the APIs.
  • A potential list of network APIs that can be used by these 3rd party applications.

What can I expect to learn?

The audience is expected to gain the following from this presentation:

  • The recommended architectural options for enabling APIs at the Edge.
  • The main API requirements of the 3rd party applications at the Edge. Can they be classified as common and unique requirements per application?
  • The context information (e.g., a traffic congestion app, needing user location, speed etc.) required by the 3rd party applications at the Edge.
  • The key infrastructure and network assets that are available at the Edge to be consumed by 3rd party applications.
  • The state of various standardization initiatives (e.g., OpenFog, ETSI MEC, 3GPP, ONAP edge automation etc.) in defining the APIs at the Edge.
  • The role of OpenStack and Kubernetes for providing infrastructure APIs to the 3rd party applications at the Edge.
  • What are the current potential gaps in realizing Edge APIs?
  • The next steps of realizing the infrastructure and network APIs at the Edge.
Thursday, November 15, 2:45pm-2:55pm (1:45pm - 1:55pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
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