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2-Ways building HA Kubernetes clusters: Kubespray and kubeadm

How can I build a self-hosted Kubernetes cluster in a production environment? In this session we will compare Kubespray with kubeadm as a way to build a 3-Masters Kubernetes cluster.

For Kubespray, I explain the source directory structure, important variables, and how to install modules selectively, etc.

For kubeadm, I explain pre-requisites, how to build 3 masters with self-hosting, and how to add nodes, etc.

It also provides practical information such as how to configure storageclass to use ceph, how to connect to kubernetes dashboard through ingress controller.

What can I expect to learn?

* You can see the advantages and disadvantages of Kubespray and kubeadm.

* You can build Kubernetes Infra using Kubespray.

* You can build Kubernetes Infra using kubeadm.

Tuesday, November 13, 3:40pm-3:50pm (2:40pm - 2:50pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Senior Software Engineer, SK Telecom
I am a senior software engineer SK Telecom and one of organizer of OpenStack Korea user group and a leader of Kubernetes Korea group. I had developed many enterprise Java application systems using Java framework like Spring, Hibernate until 2011 and since then, have become a project leader of cloud infrastructure project using OpenStack since Diablo version... FULL PROFILE