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Berlin, Germany

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Containers vs Virtual Machines on the Edge – Either, Both or Neither?

Edge Computing is the hot technology de jour, but tooling, architecture and technical hurdles need to be addressed before taking over the world.  The cloud industry has come to the realization that virtualizing and containerizing Data Center based applications improves performance and security.  However, can the same criteria apply moving these applications closer to the user?  The panel takes a technical deep dive into the various options and how to make the best choice for your Edge Cloud use case.

  • Which applications are best on the Edge?
  • Determining what platform the applications should be on. Containers are small and stateless. Virtual Machines can be small with applications that are stateless and some that aren't.  What about other small footprint technologies such as serverless or Unicode?
  • What is the role of Micro-services in Edge Computing?
  • How to provide secured connectivity at the Edge using IPsec/TLS?
  • Addressing applications that don’t lend themselves to containerization.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees will learn how to tackle the tough decisions on how to best deliver applications on Edge Computing architectures and best practices for packaging them for maximum performance and security. 

  • Infrastructure Technologies Choices
  • Why virtual machines at the edge? 
  • Why containers at the edge?
  • What about KATA?
  • What’s the biggest drawback for both technologies?
  • What’s the biggest advantage for both technologies?
  • Containers in VM or bare metal containers?
  • What about serverless options?
  • Applications at the edge
  • What are the predominant applications driving edge technology decisions today?
  • What are the predominant use cases driving edge technology decisions today?
Tuesday, November 13, 5:10pm-5:50pm (4:10pm - 4:50pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: N/A
Radware, Senior Software Engineer
Contrail Systems
An innovative leader, Consultant, and strategist, possessing over 15 years of Packet Core (EPC/vEPC), Cloud SDN/NFV solutions architecture and design experience, in the rapidly advancing world of Telecommunication, Packet Backbone and Next Generation Cloud Networks Architecture. Passionate about OpenStack cloud computing, future Data Center IP Networks and teamwork for the success.I am a SME... FULL PROFILE
Senior Software Engineer, Ant Group
Kailun Qin is a Senior Software Engineer of the System Group at Ant Group (Alibaba), with a focus on confidential computing, trusted computing and cloud security etc. Since 2018 Kailun has been working on cloud and edge related open source technologies such as OpenStack, Kubernetes, StarlingX, Akraino, ONAP, OPNFV, Kata Containers etc. He is an active technical contributor of OpenStack... FULL PROFILE
Kontron Canada Inc.
Verizon, Advanced Networking Product Manager
 A SDN Product Strategist at Verizon, working on developing virtualized networking products and services. Involved in the OpenStack community since 2010. Helped architect some of the earliest large deployments, writing the documentation and designing the architectures as she went. Co-author of the OpenStack Architecture Design Guide. Active in the OpenStack Community as a member of the Edge... FULL PROFILE