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Event Details

Effective Virtual CPU configuration in Nova
Nova allows a variety of ways in which CPUs can be configured for
virtual machines. However, there had been a flurry of CPU hardware
flaws this year, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose an
optimal CPU configuration. This talk aims to provide some clarity
around this.

To that end, we'll start from the ground up by looking at QEMU (the open
source machine emulator and virtualizer) and the CPU configuration
interfaces it offers. Building on that, we will see how the libvirt
project uses the said interfaces to provide convenient APIs for
applications like OpenStack Nova. And, in turn, how Nova uses these
libvirt APIs to provide distinct CPU configuration modes for different
use cases.

We will also consider critical needs such as the ability to live migrate
a VM across hosts with diverse set of CPUs; or the flexibility to add or
remove specific CPU features from a given guest CPU model -- to mitigate
various hardware CPU flaws. We will tie all this together with some
real-world examples.

What can I expect to learn?
This session is geared towards anyone using or developing open source
virtualization software, particularly in the KVM, Xen, QEMU and libvirt
ecosystem; and operators of Cloud Infrastructure software such as
OpenStack.  Audience are expected to gain an understanding of different
virtual CPU configurations, recommended approaches, and relevant
practical guidance.

The talk will be set in context such that operators and developers
of OpenStack will, hopefully, gain appreciation for the details.
Wednesday, November 14, 11:00am-11:40am
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Red Hat, Inc.
Kashyap Chamarthy works as part of Red Hat's Cloud Engineering group. He focuses his efforts on ensuring smooth integration between OpenStack and its underlying Virtualization components (based on KVM, QEMU, and related infrastructure). He has previously presented or participated in the last six editions of Linux Foundation's events (mostly European, sometimes North American) such as LinuxCon,... FULL PROFILE