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Kata Containers and gVisor: a Quantitative Comparison

In the past year, released Kata Containers under OpenStack Foundation, and Google released gVisor. The two projects shared many features: 

- both aim to work with kubernetes CRI seamlessly;
- both could be treated as secure container runtimes;
- both introduce some hypervisor technologies to improving isolation.

On the other hand, the two projects have many differences. Kata Containers is a more general solution and could work with existing accelerating technologies, while gVisor provide better flexibility, which means the user could scale up/down a running container easily.

In this session, the speakers will introduce both projects in detail, and make the quantitive comparison between them -- how much footprint/performance costs are introduced by the different methods of isolation; which perform better in standard benchmarks and lifetime workload, etc.

What can I expect to learn?

With k8s CRI, a cluster may employ different runtimes identically. However, it's not easy to choose one without quantitive results even if they ship with attractive features. This speech will show audiences it's time to adopt kata in production.

Wednesday, November 14, 2:30pm-3:10pm
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
CTO and Cofounder of
Xu Wang is the CTO and Cofounder of Hyper HQ, and an initial member of Kata Containers Architecture Committee. HyperHQ created hypervisor-based open source container runtime runV (secure as VM, fast as container). runV merged with clear containers from Intel, and become Kata Containers project in Dec 2017. Hyper HQ provides,... FULL PROFILE