Join us November 13-15, 2018 in

Berlin, Germany

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Event Details

Hardware Acceleration for Edge Networking

Emerging technologies are demanding lower latency and accelerated processing at the edge computing infrastructure: autonomous driving, drones, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality demanding low latency; video surveillance and 360° imaging for verticals like healthcare demanding high throughput. Typically the E2E latency for edge networking is less than 10ms. So hardware acceleration technologies, such as SR-IOV, Smart-NIC, are introduced to meet the low latency/high throughput requirements on edge networking.

In this presentation we’ll first give a review of these HW acceleration technologies’ current status in Openstack. Then we’ll talk about the SR-IOV enhancements for edge computing: VLAN mirroring, ingress/egress traffic mirroring, trunking, MAC anti-spoofing, VLAN antispoofing, etc. and their upstreaming status. SR-IOV live-migration is required to achieve highavailability and we will propose our solution. Finally we’ll share our idea on the Smart-NIC support in Neutron.

What can I expect to learn?

  - what hardware acceleration technologies are required for edge networking?

  - what's SR-IOV? Its current status in Openstack and gaps.

  - the new SR-IOV features development status in communication.

  - what's smartNIC? Its current status in Openstack and gaps.

  - the new smartNIC features development status in communication.

Thursday, November 15, 11:40am-12:20pm
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
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