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Berlin, Germany

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Moving your OpenStack cloud from PostgreSQL to MariaDB

Over the course of the last few months, Ralf and Josh have been on a journey, migrating the underlying databases of OpenStack from PostgreSQL to MariaDB.

In this presentation, they will talk about their migration story, starting from the reason why they embarked on the journey in the first place, and going into depth on some of the encounters they had with the beasts that lurk in the darker corners of a database.

Should you decide to embark on this perilous journey yourself, they have a long list of challenges that you should look out for such as the incompatibilities between both databases, as well as some of the operational hurdles to overcome.

Finally, they will introduce you to the open source tools they wrote to help ease the way for intrepid travellers. They will talk specifically about the case study of production OpenStack installations, but the tools they wrote can be applied generically, so you may use them as a roadmap for your own journey.

What can I expect to learn?

Migrating from one database backend to another is possible, but difficult. It's a complicated project that needs careful planning, and exacting focus. After this presentation, attendees will understand the motivations and benefits of migrating a database backend, and be aware of the challenges involved in doing do. They will also have access to a range of tools, developed by the speakers, that can aid in a successful database migration.

Thursday, November 15, 4:20pm-5:00pm (3:20pm - 4:00pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Ralf Haferkamp is a Senior Software Engineer working at SUSE as part of the engineering team behind the SUSE OpenStack Cloud product. For the last 15+ years his professional focus was on Open Source Software around Linux. During that time he contributed to different Open Source projects at various layers of the Stack. In recent years mostly on projects related to OpenStack and the deployment of... FULL PROFILE