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What do you do when your OpenStack workloads go up in flames? Industry Panel on Data Protection

The truth to be told, data protection has not captured too much mindshare in the OpenStack community.

Some argue that OpenStack was originally intended to serve only born in the cloud apps, referring to ephemeral, stateless workloads that are designed to be terminated and respawned frequently. Their data is stored to a back-end which is assumed to be protected.

In reality, businesses, academia and service providers are deploying OpenStack for mixed workloads with both cloud-born and legacy applications, spanning traditional databases through eCommerce to stateful VNFs.  They need to minimize business disruption when a dataset is corrupted, a VM is deleted, a software upgrade goes bad, or they encounter an infrastructure disaster.

Learn from industry experts with first class OpenStack deployments. Hear their different views about cloud data protection requirements, and the future of stateful applications in a container based environment.

What can I expect to learn?

Data protection is a mandatory business requirement, the lack of which may hinder advancing an OpenStack project into production. 

  • How severe is this problem? 
  • What comprises a good solution? 
  • How is the industry handling it? 
  • Watching this trend, is the container community heading down the same path with stateful containers ?

Industry Expert from Trilio, Red Hat, Verizon and Volkswagen Financial Services will provide a unique insight into this topic. We will learn from their experiences with first class OpenStack deployments and hear about their vision for leveraging OpenStack and Container technologies to serve both persistent and non-persistent workloads. We will leave time for audience questions, take this opportunity to find out more!


Tuesday, November 13, 2:30pm-3:10pm
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Difficulty Level: Beginner
David Safaii is CEO of Trilio Data. With more than 15 years of business management and executive leadership expertise, David is responsible for the strategic direction, operations, and growth of the company. Prior to leading Trilio Data, David founded and served as SVP of BurstPoint Networks. During his tenure with the company, he successfully raised venture funding, grew revenues and exited... FULL PROFILE
Red Hat, Sr. Product Manager
Sean is a Senior Manager of Product Management in the Cloud Platforms organization at Red Hat, the world's leading provider of open source technologies. He is responsible for the business, strategy, and development of the Red Hat OpenStack Platform Enterprise offerings. Sean has over 15 years of experience in senior product management and delivery for private clouds in the enterprise market. He... FULL PROFILE
I am the product owner for OpenStack and the lead of a project called MultiCloud Computing at Volkswagen Financial Services AG. I am managing a team of architects and engineers working on our OpenStack cloud and general solutions to enable policies and processes to be cloud ready. I joined the cloudteam in 2016, before that I´ve been a teamlead of network and network security architects,... FULL PROFILE
CSI Piemonte, Cloud Engineer
Michele is a Cloud Engineer at the CSI Piemonte and he works for public administration in the Datacenter business unit. He has always followed the evolution of operating systems and IT Infrastructures from the late 80s to today. In CSI since 2001, he dealt with everything related to Microsoft operating systems and VMware technologies in corporate environments; starting from 2011 He follow the... FULL PROFILE