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Berlin, Germany

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An integrated virtualized and containerized architecture for Financial Cloud Big Data application

In this session, we will share the result of a Big Data joint-collaboration project with China UnionPay and China Fudan University. The purpose of this project is to develop a converged virtualized and containerized architecture for Financial Cloud Big Data applications:

  1. Decouple Big Data computation models and enable co-existence of virtualized and containerized computation on the physical platform.
  2. Sharing infrastructure resources (storage, network) for Big Data applications across virtualized and containerized architecture.
  3. Converge Big Data scheduling mechanism for virtualized and containerized deployment with resource isolation.

Key challenges includes:

  • How to integrate different Big Data computation models in virtualized and containerized environment?
  • How to integrate storage and network resources in such an integrated environment?

What can I expect to learn?

The OpenStack Financial Team was established since Sydney Summit (Nov 2017). Since then, the team collaborated with many experts in financial and research institutions to develop solutions and to identify functional gaps for Financial Cloud.

In this session, we will present the result of a collaboration project of using VM and container for Big Data in Financial Cloud. The attendees will learn:

  • The integrated virtualized and containerized architecture solution for Financial Big Data application
  • The functional and performance analysis of the solution.
  • The application of OpenStack Sahara and Zun for Financial Big Data use case
Wednesday, November 14, 3:10pm-3:20pm
Difficulty Level: Advanced
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