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Guaranteed Minimum Bandwidth - Feature Demo

This is the first public demo of a new major feature guaranteeing bandwidth on network ports.

With this feature a cloud admin can create a QoS policy with a guaranteed minimum bandwidth rule. The user can attach that QoS policy to a Neutron port. So instances will be scheduled properly by Nova where the required bandwidth is available. (On the closest physical network interface.) This means that other instances sharing the same compute host cannot hurt the network performance of such an instance.

How did we get here? For SR-IOV ports we had partial support already since Newton. At that time we could not yet avoid accidental violations by co-locating instances needing more than what was available on a compute host. Since then we introduced the Placement service to model the total/used/free resources across the whole cloud. We also worked to integrate Neutron and Nova with Placement.


  • Miguel Lavalle
  • Balazs Gibizer
  • Slawomir Kaplonski
  • Bence Romsics

What can I expect to learn?

On this session you will learn about:

  • The architecture of this feature across Placement, Nova and Neutron.
  • As a cloud admin how to configure your cloud to guarantee bandwidth.
  • As an end user how to get guaranteed bandwidth.
  • As a developer you will get some insight how to work with cross-project, multi-release features.

This feature is one of the first users of the Placement service outside of the Nova project. To help the understanding you will also get a quick Placement intro. And a live demo of course.

Thursday, November 15, 5:10pm-5:50pm (4:10pm - 4:50pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
senior software developer
Bence Romsics worked as a software developer for finance and telco companies since 2010. After working with VMware based virtualization he moved onto working with OpenStack around the Grizzly release. His public work focused on Heat, Horizon and Neutron. He is interested in architecture and distributed systems. FULL PROFILE
Principal Software Engineer, Verizon Media
Miguel Lavalle is a core team member of the Openstack Neutron project and has been the PTL during the Queens, Rocky, Stein and Train cycles. Over the past 5 years, he has made contributions to the L3 agent, Tempest testing of Neutron, integration of Neutron, Nova and Designate, Routed Networks and more recently, participated in the development and testing of multiple port bindings. At Verizon... FULL PROFILE
OpenStack Nova Core developer
Former Nova PTL OpenStacker since 2014 Nova Core developer since 2017 FULL PROFILE