Join us November 13-15, 2018 in

Berlin, Germany

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Event Details

Leveraging OPNFV test tools beyond the NFV domain

The OPNFV community has developed a comprehensive set of open source test tools and test methodologies for NFVIs and VM-based cloud platforms. As the number of open source solutions and use cases grows, so does the need for robust resiliency and interop testing. We need to think about how to evolve these tools to meet the requirements of emerging and future use cases such as edge computing and cloud native infrastructure. This talk will take a look at the available tools and show how these tools can be leveraged by other open source projects - by showing how they are leveraged within OPNFV. We will discuss how to run our tools against many different deployments, test different components of your system (VIM, vswitch, storage, etc.) and perform different types of testing (infrastructure verification, feature validation, stress and resiliency testing, performance benchmarking and characterization, etc.).

What can I expect to learn?

This presentation intends to spread awareness of the test tools developed in OPNFV beyond the NFV domain. We want to show that these tools provide value to anyone involved in continuous testing of cloud infrastructure - not just those working on NFV specifically. We will give an overview of the OPNFV test ecosystem for those unfamiliar with the tools and highlight their value for both the NFV as well as the IT cloud domain. We will also dive deeper into specific ideas targeting interested developers. Hence, the target audience comprises developers of cloud infrastructure platforms (e.g. OpenStack), testers, and DevOps teams – in the NFV domain and beyond. Finally, we want to encourage developers to join the projects in order to evolve them according to their needs.

Thursday, November 15, 5:10pm-5:50pm
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Ericsson, Senior Systems Designer
Georg is a Senior Systems Designer at Ericsson, working mainly on SDN and NFV. He is an active member of the OPNFV community, being the PTL of the Dovetail project and contributing to the OPNFV Verified Program and the OPNFV testing community. In OpenStack, he is an active member of the Interop WG. Previously, he was the PTL of the OPNFV NetReady project. In addition to his activities in... FULL PROFILE
Intel Corporation
Emma is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat working on metrics collection. She has been involved in OpenStack since 2014. when she first tried deploying a cloud. She started working on service assurance at Intel, enabling collectd stats and events to be used in OpenStack as well as maintaining testing, build and  validation tools in OPNFV Barometer. She is an active contributor and current... FULL PROFILE