Three part virtual event series:

Discuss challenges, collaborate, create open source.

Containers in Production Schedule

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Day 1 - August 10
13:00-13:30   Kick-off
13:30-14:15   Using OpenStack + containers together: OpenStack + other container projects (not k8s)
Moderator: Spyros Trigazis
14:20-15:05   Using OpenStack + containers together: OpenStack projects that interface with k8s (also related projects like Metal3 and Kata Containers)
Moderator: John Garbutt
15:05-15:15   -- 10 min Break --
15:15-15:55   SIG Cloud Provider + Provider OpenStack (openstack w/ k8s)
Moderators: Anusha Ramineni and Christoph Glaubitz
15:55-16:00   Wrap up


Day 2 - August 11
13:00-13:15   Kick-off
13:15-14:25   Telco + Network Function
Moderator: Gergely Csatari
  • Kubernetes "extensions" for telcos (CNI-s for telcos, device plugins, CMK, CPU Manager and CPU Pooler)
14:25-14:35   -- 10 min Break --
14:35-15:40   Security + Isolation
Moderator: Xu Wang
  • Runtimes
  • Management of Kubernetes clusters on top of OpenStack to provide tenant isolation
15:40-16:00   Weekly Wrap up