Three part virtual event series:

Discuss challenges, collaborate, create open source.

Hardware Automation Schedule

Schedule of Events (time in UTC)

Day 1 - July 20
13:00-13:15   Kick-off
13:30-16:00   End-to-end hardware provisioning lifecycle for baremetal / cradle to grave for hypervisors
  • Vendor selection/intake/deployment to the facility floor
  • Day-to-day consumption of hardware. Imaging, periodic health checks, etc
  • Power and thermal optimization automation
  • BIOS/Firmware Automation - Keeping it secure and detecting the attack


Day 2 - July 21
13:00-13:15   Kick-off
13:15-16:00   Consuming baremetal infrastructure to provision cloud based workloads
  • Hyperconverged
  • Autoscaled baremetal for cloud workload infrastructure, servers for serverless workloads
  • Preemptable baremetal: use cases for turning 'unused' baremetal into cloud infrastructure orchestrator; security
  • Redfish


Day 3 - July 22
13:00-13:15   Kick-off
13:15-15:40   Networking
  • Network: architectures, how are people automating, what are some of the operational cases being supported?
  • Network security
15:40-16:00   Wrap-Up