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Writing docs for Change Management (ITSM)



  • Martin Lopes Technical Writer


Complex IT environments will often manage their technical processes using a service management framework, such as ITIL.
Sysadmins working in these environments are expected to be informed and confident about the effects of any system changes they perform. Long before any technical work is started, the sysadmin will draft an implementation plan that details the steps they'll be following, what they intend to accomplish, and what they'll do if anything goes wrong: from troubleshooting, to rolling back the change.  


This presentation explores the documentation needs of sysadmins in ITIL-style environments. In addition, it offers technical writers a view of the political aspect of technical operations management and the ways we can make sysadmin's lives easier:  


  • What information will a sysadmin need in order to create an implementation plan?  

  • How will they write their change to survive the scrutiny of the Change Advisory Board (CAB)?  

  • How can tech writers give sysadmins the confidence they expect in their reference material?

Martin Lopes Technical Writer

Martin has been a keen open source user since first downloading Red Hat Linux over a 33.6 Kbps modem in 1998. Now a technical writer at Red Hat, he works on the Neutron documentation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

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