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Using Taskflow to implement workflows in Cue


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  • Min Pae Software Engineer
  • Joshua Harlow Vice Executive Hacker, Yahoo


This presentation will introduce how Taskflow ( is being in the Cue project ( to implement back end workflows.  Taskflow is a general purpose workflow engine for defining and executing workflows in a reliable manner.  Building a reliable service requires the capability to recover from failures as well as the ability to rollback/revert any failed tasks.

Rather than implementing such capabilities from scratch, using Taskflow allows us to leverage existing work and ongoing improvements in the area of workflow execution, and focus on addressing the specific use cases that our customers need cue to address.

Cue is using Taskflow with the Jobboard and Conductor features to implement a service that is highly available.

Some of the key considerations that went in to selection of Taskflow will be discussed, as well as how it is being used simplify the development process while increasing reliability of the overall Cue service.

Min Pae Software Engineer

Min works as a Software Engineer at HP working on the Helion Development Plaform.  He is a member of the Cue team, which is a Message Broker provisioning and management service.  His past experiences include embedded software, network encryptors, operation support systems, and a wide range of network systems all in support of telecommunication networks.  Current interests include monitoring and management systems, and core supporting services and technologies that improve overall development process and product quality.

Min has a BS in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and an MBA from University of California at Irvine.

Joshua Harlow Vice Executive Hacker, Yahoo

Joshua Harlow is one of the technical leads on the OpenStack team who has helped OpenStack gain initial and continued traction inside Yahoo!. He was a member of the initial CTO subteam investigating IAAS solutions where OpenStack was chosen and has been pushing OpenStack from the start of its usage at Yahoo!. Joshua has been involved in OpenStack since 2011 (and has been at Yahoo! since 2007) and has contributed patches to most of the core projects (with the hope of contributing many more patches soon).

  • Joshua comes from NY where he obtained a undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Clarkson University and where he obtained a masters degree in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology. He hopes to make OpenStack more scalable (tens of thousands of servers), reliable, predictable and recoverable and strongly believes that OpenStack has the best chance of beating Amazon at its own game.

 He is a current core-reviewer and/or creator of the following projects:




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