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The Anatomy of an Attack


Cloud Security

  • David Belcher HP Cloud Security


Sony hacked, accounts stolen and access to their services denied. Anthem health insurance hacked, millions of customer details stolen. Hundreds of celebrity nude photos stolen and leaked. Many high profile websites defaced by the "Lizard Squad" in protest of a Hollywood movie. It seems like every week we see news of another "Hack". But how do they do it? When a target is chosen, what do they look for? How do they get in? Surely these people have security measures, why aren't they stopped?

During this session, we open the curtains on the anatomy of an attack. We explain just a few of the tools and techniques hackers have at their disposal, weaknesses they are looking for, and how they can take many seemingly low impact issues, chaining them together to fully compromise otherwise secure systems. If you want to know how hackers actually get in, and why defense in depth is more than just a buzz word, this is the talk for you.

David Belcher HP Cloud Security

David Belcher is a senior security engineer in the Cloud Security team at HP. David spent the first 5 years of his career performing deep vulnerability research, analysis, and consultancy to UK government and List X companies. The next 5 were spent with BlackBerry, performing vulnerability research, management and incident response for their whole product portfolio, including both mobile and infrastructure security. Throughout David's career, he has had one key specialism: Think like the bad guys, and beat them at their own game.

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