Vancouver, BC
May 21-24, 2018

Event Details

Multi backend CNI for building hybrid workload clusters with Kuryr and Kubernetes

Kuryr is an OpenStack project that provides a framework for adapting different kinds of networking to Cloud Native workloads. Kuryr CNI supports mixed environments with workloads deployed both on  Bare Metal and Virtual Machines.

In order to provide networking to  different worker nodes it can use varied virtual devices such as SR-IOV and VLAN.

Kuryr has a generic Kubernetes controller that allows watching different Kubernetes resources and perform actions in response to their events. It can support multiple networking backends. Kuryr default implementation is based on OpenStack Neutron, it can be easily extended to serve other SDNs.

In this talk we will dive into Kuryr-Kubernetes CNI, explaining its architecture. In addition we will show with the Dragonflow example that Kuryr provides a generic SDN framework for different networking backends by implementing some pluggable Python modules.

What can I expect to learn?

1. How Kuryr framework makes it easy for SDNs to add Kubernetes support.

2. How Kuryr enables diverse worker node environments (baremetal / VM) to allow users to choose where to run their apps.

Thursday, May 24, 11:50am-12:30pm
Will be recorded
Level: Intermediate
Red Hat
Antoni serves as the PTL of Openstack Kuryr and works on related container efforts at Red Hat He has contibuted in the past to the networking stack of oVirt, Libvirt nova-docker and MidoNet. His recent focus has been on Container Software Defined Networking and Container Orchestration projects like Kubernetes, Swarm, OpenStack Magnum and Mesosphere. FULL PROFILE
Pino is cloud architect at Huawei's Tel Aviv Research Center, where he contributes to open source projects Dragonflow (SDN) and Tatu (SSH). Before joining Huawei, Pino was CTO at Midokura, where he led development of the company's open-source software-defined networking technology, MidoNet. Previously, Pino built Dynamo, a highly available data store originally intended for's... FULL PROFILE