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Continuously Design your Application Workload for Continuous Deployment with OpenStack Heat

Whether your applications are cloud-native, cloud-ready, or just evolving towards cloud-based deployment, you can capture the complete stack as an OpenStack Heat template. In this session, we’ll present a web-based editing experience that enables you to capture each aspect of your architecture in a ready-to-deploy and easy-to-update design based on HOT. We'll show you those Heat templates in either a rich diagram editor or a simple but powerful text editor -- all in your web browser! Advanced features like autoscaling, load balancing, deployment ordering, and object storage will all be captured as part of your application design — right along side the critical software that defines the business behavior of your workload. And it’s not just about the first time you deploy, it’s about deploying every time thereafter. We’ll show you how you can manage your software deployment pipeline as part of your Heat templates. Maybe you’re not sure what cloud to deploy to? Interested in OpenStack, but already have investments in other clouds? We’ll also demonstrate how we’ve extended the Heat language to design cloud-portable templates. So come on this journey with us, where we’ll leverage the cloud to help you build better software for your end users.

Speakers: Tammy Van Hove,Ton Ngo,Michael Elder