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A day in the life of a Trove contributor

Trove is a young project in the OpenStack world that aims to provide tools for provision and manage multiple database instances as needed. Considering the complexity of the code architecture that makes this a reality, setting up the development environment and start contributing may be an overwhelming task.   But getting started as a contributor shouldn't be a hard process if you start with the right foot. There are some details that, if you could know them before hand, would make giving your first steps an easier task.   This presentation will be organized as follows: Contributing to OpenStack. This part of the presentation is useful for not only Trove, but every other project in the stack. Some fine grained details may vary, but the base concepts won't. Here, we are going to give a brief explanation of on which tools are used by the OpenStack community and how you have to set them up to start contributing. We will also cover how the development process works, including how to find and fix a bug, how to make a new feature proposal, how to tests your changes before submitting and how the review process work. Getting started with Trove. This part will cover Trove specifics. We are going to introduce Trove's architecture and basic functionality. Also, we will show what is needed to set up a Trove deployment. By the end of the workshop, you will have all the tools to get involved as a contributor with an OpenStack project and, if you enjoyed learning about how the database provisioner service works, you will be more than welcome to join us in Trove!

Speakers: Victoria Martínez de la Cruz,Ashleigh Farnham