November 6-8, 2017

Event Details

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Collaboration on Edge Cloud API for Edge Service Providers

Emerging Edge Cloud services  like Smart City Applications have suffered due to lack of acceptable APIs and services that can dynamically provision and deliver services through Provider Edges. Except for Caching Service which has been used widely by Providers, due to economy of scale in Cloud and few low traffic gaming apps there is little to cheer about. Last OpenStack Summit at Boston the Edge Cloud service was showcased and yet the Fog Computing, OpenEdge Computing and OPNFV all have littile to show in terms of a common agreed API.  In this dicussions we like to showcase the Inwinstack and its efforts to revivie OpenEdge Computing Cloudlet to get it to latest Ocata version. The older Kilo CMU Cloudlet version got obsolete. The newer updates on LXD from canonical suports better Live Migration. Thus in our efforts we like to copmare Canonical and CMU /Inwistack efforts through OpenEdge Computinga and OPNFV upstreams to enhanace the Edge Cloud Services.

What can I expect to learn?

Attendees are expected to see Collaborate between key players in Edge Cloud promotion for a Commom API. Several falied efforts have shown that simplicity of API is key to support various applications from AR/VR/MR (stateless) to Smart City traffic, police, emergency applications, besides the Video streaming and Voice over IP use cases. The revenue opportunities and buisness aspects are equally important going beyond the techonology for Service Providers who look for valus add services and with least of Infrasrtucture investements.

Wednesday, November 8, 1:50pm-2:30pm (2:50am - 3:30am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Sr Mobile Cloud Architect
Prakash has 35+ years of Telco/ICT experience with MSEE from IIT Bombay. He is a current Board of Director for Openstack 2019/2018 (Foucucs on Airship/Medhavi/India OSUG), Sr member IEEE (CS/ComSoc,VTA),IEEE SCW SC Vice Chair 2018, NFIC-2018 Chair, and has been a veteran consultant on NFV/CNTT, MANO, VIM, Virtualization, Conatainerization, Microservices, 5G Core/Edge/Access, Network... FULL PROFILE
Vodafone Group Services
Rolf has more than 20 years of experience in the internet-, IT- and telecommunications industry. He held managing director and CTO roles in several start-up companies as well as executive roles in large international corporations. He developed a track record of successful new business- and technology development in the areas of IT security-, mobile health-, analytics- and cloud services. At... FULL PROFILE
Technical Partner Manager
Narinder Gupta is  leading the Canonical Technical Partnership for all opensource tools and products related to Ubuntu, Maas, JuJu, Charm and integration for Telco Grade CI/CD in OPNFV. He has been a leading practitioner of JuJu and Charms to build Orchestraion in OPNFV. He is a key player in Infrastructutre team and has joined the efforts in helping Meghdwar team in trying to solve the... FULL PROFILE