November 6-8, 2017

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Using openstack to integrate non-openstack service

Naver is the popular web portal, handles the half of all web searches in South Korea and also have a messenger service having a billion users. To process the such large scale users, We has built dozens of dev platform, and have hundreds of engineers working on them. However, due to lack of strict dev rules, each platforms have evolved to have its own web interface and authz/authn. These became a mess and it's a common issue in the big company like us. It would be very convenience for developers if these platforms are integrated as a PaaS providing a seamless web interface and role system. This is what our project 'Pasta' does.

In this topic, we will talk about why we adopt the keystone as a unified role system for non-openstack services and how we make it support huge users. In addition, we will show how we applied the microservice architecture using Netfix Zuul to integrate web interface. we will also share how we integrate Kolla to legacy infra and enable the continuous delivery.

What can I expect to learn?

In this talk, attendees can learn followings.

* The problem when keystone is applied to large user sets
* How to enable keystone to support huge users with company providing oauth2 

* How X-AUTH-TOKEN flows
* How to adopt keystone as a unified role system for non-openstack leagacy services
* Introduce newly styled openstack web console rather than Horizon.
* How to build the console in microservice architecture using Netflic Zuul to integrate legacy platform's web interface for the efficient development.

* How to make kolla/ansible deployed with zero downtime.

* How to make Kolla fit into legacy infrastructue such as company providing L4 and DB.
* How to continuously deliver openstack using Kolla with own plugins.

Wednesday, November 8, 5:20pm-6:00pm (6:20am - 7:00am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
senior engineer
Senior DevOps Engineer in Naver corp, Korea. Active Open Source contributor. I have been developing development platforms in Samsung Electronics and Naver for more than 10 years and participating various opensource projects including nGrinder. Currently I'm responsible to integrated dozen's of platforms into a single console using openstack. I have three kids and I'm teaching Python to... FULL PROFILE
senior engineer
sernior engineer of naver china chengdu, farmiliar with horizon, keystone and kolla, working on openstack for almost 4 years. Python addict, working for baidu and nokia before. FULL PROFILE
senior engineer
senior developer of naver china chengdu, an experienced openstack developer, got almost 5 years of openstack developing, farmiliar with keystone, kolla and ceph. Recent two years, working on FAAS project, and do contribution on openwhisk source project.   FULL PROFILE