November 6-8, 2017

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Future Science on Future OpenStack: developing next generation infrastructure at CERN and SKA

The next generation of research infrastructure and large scale scientific instruments will face new magnitudes of data.

This talk presents two flagship programmes: the next generation of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN and the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope. Each in their way will push infrastructure to the limit.

The LHC has been one of the significant users of OpenStack in scientific computing. The SKA is now working to a final software architecture design and is focusing on OpenStack as an underlying middleware function.

Together, we plan to develop a common platform for scaling science: to accommodate new applications and software services, to deliver high ingest rate real-time and batch processing, to integrate high performance storage and to unlock the potential of software defined networking.

What can I expect to learn?

This talk will provide a brief overview of the SKA and CERN, in terms of scientific goals and infrastructure.
How do we develop OpenStack to go beyond what is possible today?

This talk will describe some of the early work in supporting large-scale deployments and PaaS offerings to support prototyping and flexible production application delivery for scientists.

This talk will focus in particular on Bare-metal OpenStack providing RDMA-enabled Execution Frameworks and underlying storage.

Tuesday, November 7, 3:20pm-4:00pm (4:20am - 5:00am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
StackHPC Ltd, CTO
Stig has a background in R&D working for various prominent technology companies, particularly in HPC and software-defined networking.  Stig is now CTO for StackHPC, a consultancy specialising in the convergence of cloud, HPC and big data.  Stig is also co-chair of the OpenStack Scientific Special Interest Group, a globally-distributed grouping of research institutions using OpenStack for... FULL PROFILE
European Space Agency, Cloud Architect
Belmiro Moreira is an enthusiastic mathematician and computer engineer passionate about the challenges and complexities of architecting and deploying large scale open Cloud Infrastructures.     Belmiro works at CERN and during the last 10 years he has been responsible for the design,  deployment and maintenance of the CERN Cloud Infrastructure based on Openstack. Previously... FULL PROFILE