November 6-8, 2017

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Massively Distributed OpenStack -- Thinking outside the Data Center

Taking OpenStack out of the data center to create massively distributed clouds was the talk of the Boston Summit.  OpenStack is starting to be used for use cases that were never imagined; think about the possibility of a global swarm of hundreds, thousands or even millions of nodes.  Massively distributed OpenStack architectures require radically different approaches and tools.  Use cases include:

  • Extreme edge conditions (IoT, transportation, manufacturing, utility grids, VDI),
  • Long distances between nodes (Satellites, Supply-chain, global shipping)
  • Hub and spoke designs (Telecom networks, global application distributions)

We need to think differently about the Massively Distributres OpenStack ecosystem.

  • Tradeoffs of different architectures to different use cases: hierarchical, matrixes, widely distributed, or mesh.
  • How node size affects performance and fit for each use case.
  • Deployment considerations
  • More stringent security (code/design) in exposed environments

What can I expect to learn?

During this session you will learn how OpenStack can support massively distributed architectures:

  • See a demo of a massively distrubuted OS used to improved network performance.
  • The need for more stringent security in infrastructure software (code/design) in potentially hundreds or thousands of nodes in exposed environments.
  • How to address the complex vendor integration, product orchestration, service delivery and scale requirements for  managing and orchestrating thousands of edge nodes
  • Tips and tricks for addressing tight hardware limitations and cost constraints. How can the vendors help reduce footprints without compromising performance and usability?
  • Optimizing Cloud configurations to support distributed clouds.
  • Zero Touch Provisioning and how nodes be turned up simply and easily
  • Considerations of the management of nodes on intermittent network connections
Wednesday, November 8, 5:20pm-6:00pm (6:20am - 7:00am UTC)
Difficulty Level: N/A
Verizon, Network Product Manager
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