Dear [Boss],

I would like to attend the Open Infrastructure Summit in Shanghai, November 4-8, 2019. The Summit is where the operators building the open infrastructure stack gather to present their innovative use cases, collaborate with the developers who are building the software and interact with the community supporting the mission of open source.

This Summit is my opportunity for bring back knowledge about [Why you want to attend! What are you hoping to learn? What would benefit your team?] and share it with our team, while helping us get to know similar open infrastructure teams around the world (think 50+ countries, 35+ open source projects and nearly 600 companies represented).

For $231 USD, early registration also allows me to RSVP for trainings and workshops as soon as they open—for free! Fees for trainings are built into the price of the Summit pass so I can bring that valuable knowledge, skills back to the team at no additional cost. In Shanghai, there are project onboarding sessions, two days of upstream training as well as other valuable hands on learning opportunities throughout the week—that’s thousands of dollars worth of training that I can get with this pass.

Not only can I attend the breakout sessions and workshops, there are also collaborative sessions—within the Forum—where I can join discussions with operators and developers to provide feedback and brainstorm features for upcoming releases together.

Trainings and Forum discussions are NOT recorded, so attending onsite is crucial so that I can get involved and represent our company.

The Shanghai Summit is the opportunity for me to expand my open infrastructure knowledge, network and skills. For $231 USD, I gain access to:

  • Breakout sessions around CI/CD, Container Infrastructure, Private & Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud, Telecom & NFV, HPC/GPU/AI
  • Featured speakers from ARM, AT&T, Baidu, Boeing, Blizzard Entertainment, and Haitong Securities among open infrastructure use cases featuring Ceph, Docker, Kata Containers, Kubernetes, OpenStack and 30 other open source technologies
  • Networking opportunities with developers, operators, and the ecosystem supporting the open infrastructure landscape
  • Workshops & trainings from operators and developers with hands-on experience 
  • Community content focused on diversity, inclusion and mentoring
  • The success of open infrastructure—and the work the global community is doing—relies on events like the Summit to bring online conversations to life and meet the community members solving real problems.

Thanks for considering my request.
[Your Name]