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Under the Hood: Network Virtualization with OpenStack Neutron and VMware NSX

This session is a 201 level technical deep dive on the OpenStack Neutron with VMware NSX Network Virtualization. NSX is a virtual networking platform powering many OpenStack production environments as the networking engine behind Neutron. In this session wel explore the distributed systems architecture of the NSX Controller Cluster, the core functionality and behavior of NSX primary system components, and the logical networking devices and security tools NSX produces for consumption. High availability deployments, and packet flows for common scenarios will be discussed. And finally, wel take a look at how the physical network fabric can be architected for Next Generation NSX deployments. Some of the session topics include: System Components Review Scale-out control plane & HA control and management channels NSX enabled Hypervisors Scale-out data plane NSX Security Groups NSX Logical Network Devices Connecting to external networks Physical network design for Network Virtualization OpenStack Neutron Integration and OpenStack Distributions for VMware NSX

Speakers: Somik Behera,Dimitri Desmidt