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OpenStack Summit Presentations

"Launching a Cloud Provider with OpenStack"

By: Raphael Ferreira,Philippe Theriault

When launching a IaaS Provider, time to market, reliability, scalability and cost are everyday concerns. Widely adopted by successful service providers, OpenStack seems to be the way to go but is it comparable, in terms of features, with Cloud Providers Packages from vendors such as Joyent, OnApp, Citrix or Parallels? While commercial cloud service providers packages may not offer the flexibility needed or can kill any business case, the Do It Yourself approach is certainly not cutting the time to market or complexity. The same applies for the hardware while OCP based servers or Open Storage could bring big savings, they are not for every organization. In that session, we will have a close look at the different options, pros and cons of integrated solutions versus custom integrations, all from an OpenStack perspective. We will talk about where the competitive advantage can come when using a packaged solution but also have a look at the differentiators and value added a custom integration can bring.

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