May 8-11, 2017

Event Details

SESSION CANCELLED!! Real-World Workload Generation: Your Pluggable Solution


The pain-point in real-world workload generation resulting from a lack in number and maturity of tools was seen as an opportunity for our team. With a heavy focus on testing, validation, research, and development, we created a tooling solution with the end-user, app-developer, and operator in mind. The work load generator not only assists in the benchmarking of a deployment, but also speeds up the creation of production workloads, assists in cloud health checking, and is pluggable allowing workload customization. In this session we will discuss the tool's [design and] internals, along with a live demonstration of its functionality.

What can I expect to learn?

The importance of production-like workloads when testing, benchmarking, or even staging a cloud before going to production. Attendees will walk away knowing that with this tool, data plane workloads can be easily generateted and customized so users can create them based on their business needs.

Thursday, May 11, 4:10pm-4:50pm
Will be recorded
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Tags: Operator Ops
Huawei, OpenSource Community Operations Manager
Melvin Hillsman is an Open Source Community Manager at Huawei. He is passionate about user and developer collaboration and cross-community interaction and communication. His current focus is OpenLab where he works closely with members of the Kubernetes, OpenStack, OpenCI, CNCF, CloudFoundry, AdoptOpenJDK, and OPNFV communities for integration and validation of hybrid and multi-cloud ecosystem... FULL PROFILE