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Berlin, Germany

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What's behind 8K Video Streaming on Edge Cloud?

Recently, 8K video has become a trend, not only in immersive video applications, such as panoramic video and virtual reality (AR/VR) but also in real-life applications, such as remote healthcare and high-precision video monitoring.

In this talk, we will provide reasons for using OpenStack to operate our Edge Computing infrastructures in the case of multiple cameras. We will then elaborate on the optimized architecture and OpenStack-based services in our solution in order to meet 8K video requirements. This section includes specific accelerations we used in 8K video streaming and the work we have done to manage accelerators via cyborg at the edge.

The proposed solution can also be used in self-service supermarkets and offices to provide data for AI models and to analyze users’ behaviors.

What can I expect to learn?

In this presentation, we are looking forward to sharing the following experiences with you:

  • The End-to-End architecture of the Edge Cloud on OpenStack.
  • Detailed methods to optimize OpenStack for 8K Video Streaming in our solution.
  • How Cyborg can be used to manage accelerators.
  • Benefits of the Edge Computing in our 8K video streaming solution.
  • The roadmap of the accelerated Edge Cloud.
Thursday, November 15, 10:50am-11:30am (9:50am - 10:30am UTC)
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Senior Engineer
Zhi Chang is working with OpenStack community from Grizzly and is a active developer of Neutron. He is also an cloud architect and running OpenStack clouds with several regions. He spares his spare time on NFV and related activities. FULL PROFILE
Got involved in OpenStack for 5+ years, mainly focus on network management. Interests include DPDK technology, user-space TCP/IP stack, load-balance and so on. Recent work is related to intelligent traffic analysis and hardware acceleration. FULL PROFILE
Intel Corp.
Shaohe  Feng, a senior software engineer at Intel, has been working on OpenStack since the Kilo release, with contributions to Heat for object versioning, Nova live migration, Nova API enhancements, and V3 API. He also actively contributes to Heat and Magnum. Prior to Intel, he worked at IBM on virtualization, and brings a depth of knowledge on KVM/libvirt and its ecosystems. He was a core... FULL PROFILE