About The Forum Submission and Selection Process


  • Make an etherpad for your team or the group of teams you are working with and list as many ideas as you can think of
  • Add your brainstorming etherpad to the list of etherpads on the wiki so everyone can see what you are thinking about
  • Talk with other teams to see how you can work together
  • Merge similar ideas
  • Prioritise the session ideas
  • Work out which your team thinks are worth proposing for the Forum, and write abstracts for them
  • Find moderators for each of your proposed sessions
  • Tip: The best sessions involve both users and developers working together
  • Tip: Don't expect a lot of dedicated sessions just for your individual project


  • The formal submission tool will be announced as open after a few weeks of brainstorming
  • Work out who will submit your team's proposals and the moderator for each proposed session
  • Get the abstract, title and moderator ready, then submit

Scheduling, Review & Promotion

  • The Forum Selection Committee will look at all of the proposals and try to make the best schedule possible
  • A draft schedule will be released to the mailing list - post your comments!
  • Look out for conflicts between sessions, missing ideas or anything else you think is important
  • As soon as practical, the schedule will be uploaded to the summit site
  • Once the schedule is live, everyone should share it as widely as we can to get the entire community excited

 You can more about this process on the OpenStack Wiki.


Want to provide feedback on this process? Join the discussion on the openstack-community mailing list, and/or contact the Foundation Summit Team directly [email protected].