Barcelona, Spain
October 25-28, 2016

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How Did Our Private Cloud Realize Better Application SLA Using Open vSwitch with DPDK

In recent years, our OpenStack private cloud resources (65k+ VM, 25k vCPU, 350TB memory) that support Yahoo! JAPAN web services require 6x network performance per server compared with traditional server farm as a result of VM aggregation and higher density. Additionally, huge and/or burst network traffic (5~10x than ordinary) we have often received from internet. More internal backend traffic (DNS, RDB, MQ, etc.) happend accordingly. In such situations, we faced a network performance issue in our cloud.

To overcome this, we have adopted Open vSwitch with DPDK as a software L2 switch on HyperVisor instead of LinuxBridge, built new mitaka cluster (serving 8000+ VM scale) on OCP (Open Compute Project) servers, and started operation phase now.
As we found many problems through our activities from OvS/DPDK PoC phase to operation phase, we will present about combination limitation related OvS/DPDK/NIC driver, network architecture/performance, L7 SLA, operation perspective, and future works.

Tuesday, October 25, 2:45pm-2:59pm (12:45pm - 12:59pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Tags: Ops Neutron
Yahoo! JAPAN
Yusuke Tatsumi is a network infrastructure engineer at Yahoo! JAPAN. He belongs Site Operation Division, Infrastructure Engineering Department, support our own production web services by providing several resources(Servers, networking, Storages, Datacenter facilities).For 6 years, He had buit/maintein/managed "physical" production network. From last year, He started work about... FULL PROFILE
Naoyuki Mori is Application Engineer at Developer Relations Division, Software & Services Group at Intel. He has been working closely with software eco system partner to help optimizing for Intel Architecture. Recent years, he has focus on networking optimization such as DPDK, VPP, Open vSwitch for private cloud and mobile carrier network usage. FULL PROFILE