April 25-29, 2016

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How to Architect Applications for the Cloud

Engage and enable enterprise development teams to realize the value from cloud architecture and accelerate cloud application while enabling solutions that work on any client platform.  In this session we will provide an overview of how to design applications for the cloud and provide lessons learned from a customer who has 800+ applications in various stages of development and deployment.  The session will cover architecture design decisions, key things to consider for integration with existing application, design patterns, code samples, and best practices for developing cloud aware applications and supporting business strategy for modern application development (cloud, mobile/multi-OS, application security, and improved user experience).

Deploying a cloud infrastructure is only the first step in realizing the business value. Engaging the application development teams is critical with solutions that address the business problems enterprises are facing with security, multiple client platform support, and cloud integration. Within Intel IT our original cloud specific approach stalled our cloud adoption for almost 2 years, first issue centered on the application architecture and the second primarily because of integration with existing solutions and services. We will share the challenges and approaches, development practices and technologies used to accelerate modern application solutions and cloud deployment.




What can I expect to learn?

Application architecture, development strategies, reference architectures, and sample code to enable applications on the cloud and also enable multi-platform (OS/Browser) and open sourceoptions to enable development teams.

Wednesday, April 27, 11:00am-11:40am (4:00pm - 4:40pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Chief Technology Officer
William Giard is the Chief Technology Officer for the IT Transformation organization within Intel’s Data Center Group. He has over 20 years of experience in designing enterprise architectures and developing software solutions to support mission critical systems across supply-chain, product development, and enterprise infrastructure segments. Prior to joining DCG he led the software... FULL PROFILE
Enterprise Architect
Brandon Bohling is an Enterprise Architect in Intel IT, he is responsible for setting the enterprise application development strategy and enabling developer efficiency. Brandon has over 20 years of experience with Internet technologies as a developer, architect, and evangelist. He has spent the last few years modernizing our application development methods and technologies by driving open... FULL PROFILE