April 25-29, 2016

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EMC - Enterprise Storage Management for Mixed Cloud Environments with CoprHD

For OpenStack users and developers, Swift, Manila and Cinder are enough to satisfy data availability and converged infrastructure needs. But consider the following scenarios: - You have an existing cloud or virtualization platform, and you want to add OpenStack to the mix (or vice versa). How do you utilize existing storage platforms shared between compute and orchestration services? - You have existing storage arrays serving data to a set of applications, with policy-based storage management. What is the most seamless way to connect to an OpenStack-based cloud with the least disruption? In both cases, it makes sense to utilize a software-defined storage controller that is able to direct storage traffic between storage infrastructure and orchestration platforms, including OpenStack. In this talk, we'll use the open source CoprHD platform as an example of how to connect OpenStack with enterprise storage.

Wednesday, April 27, 11:50am-12:30pm
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Intel Corp.
Curt Bruns is a Senior Software Engineer working on Software Defined Storage within the Storage Group at Intel Corporation.  Curt is currently working on solving issues related to Datacenters evolving to Scale-Out Architectures with Server-Based Storage solutions while still being able to maintain and fully utilize their existing infrastructure and Storage Arrays.  Curt has been... FULL PROFILE
  Parash is a software professional having around 12 years of experience in designing and developing software products using Java, J2EE, Python and C# technologies. He has almost decade of experience in storage and virtualization industry. He has been working with OpenStack community from Icehouse release, majorly contributing to the cinder project.  He is currently working... FULL PROFILE