April 25-29, 2016

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Nokia - On the Path to Telco Cloud Openness: Nokia CloudBand Vitrage & OPNFV Doctor Collaboration

In its most basic form, the Telco industry has long been seen as traditional, walled garden, yet this paradigm has begun to change since work started on NFV, and it is changing fast. The new Telco-Cloud has begun to adapt to this strange new world – enabling speedy deployment, cost effective networks, unheard of agility and most alarmingly of all – openness. Bye-bye lock-in and walled gardens. Say hello to multi-vendor infrastructure. Bye-bye proprietary solutions, make way for the new king – Open Source. Nokia CloudBand has been integrating open source code into its NFV platform from day 1, little by little overcoming the various pitfalls of using open source in a corporate setting, and this commitment has deepened and flourished, enabling Nokia CloudBand to work upstream and initiate project Vitrage, focusing on the realm of Root Cause Analysis and Deduced Alarms. This work is enhanced further by the tight collaboration with OPNFV and in particular with the Doctor project, working with DOCOMO, NEC and other project members. Join Nokia CloudBand and OPNFV Doctor to learn how to achieve openness in the Telco Cloud sphere, and how the Vitrage & Doctor collaboration is accelerating open source fault management.

Wednesday, April 27, 2:40pm-3:20pm (7:40pm - 8:20pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Nokia Cloudband
Iris Finkelstein-Sagi brings over 20 years of experience and vision from her work in telecommunications, consumer tech, SaaS and more.  Iris' expertise runs the gamut from product and communications marketing to strategy, PR, copywriting, events & campaign management, social media marketing, website design and lead generation.  In her current position Iris leads... FULL PROFILE
Nokia Cloudband
Ohad is a product manager in CloudBand, Nokia. In his role, Ohad is leading Analytics and monitoring for the CloudBand NFVI product and he is also responsible for open source activity in CloudBand. Ohad is driving Vitrage, an official OpenStack project, initiated by CloudBand, for root cause analysis, deduced alarms and states. FULL PROFILE
DOCOMO Communication Laboratories Europe GmbH, Manager
Gerald is a manager in DOCOMO Euro-Labs' standardization team which is active in the areas of 5th Generation Mobile Networks (5G) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). In the latter topic, Gerald is participating in ETSI ISG NFV, OPNFV Doctor (Fault Management), OPNFV Promise (Resource Reservation), and OpenStack Blazar (Reservation as a Service). Gerald is also a member of the Linux... FULL PROFILE