April 25-29, 2016

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EMC - Accelerated cloud native application development

Getting an application development environment up and running on top of OpenStack can be challenging and time consuming. How to reduce time to code? How do you deploy and scale applications with ease? How do you leverage containers to develop micro services? Do you have to choose between structured & unstructured PaaS? How do you integrate your cloud-native platform into existing enterprise operational systems? We will show how EMC’s turn-key OpenStack powered appliance addresses these issues and enables you to start developing cloud native applications in a matter of hours.

Wednesday, April 27, 9:50am-10:30am
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Dell EMC
Adonijah "AJ" Park is a cloud computing evangelist. His current focus is on making OpenStack the platform of choice for cloud native application development. He works for Dell EMC as a product manager for VxRack Neutrino - a turnkey OpenStack IaaS platform. AJ's other interests include Mathematics, Physics and Business Strategy. AJ holds an MBA degree from the Stephen M. Ross School of... FULL PROFILE