April 25-29, 2016

Event Details

Speed Mentoring, Organized by The Women Of OpenStack

RSVP Required. Breakfast and coffee will be provided.

Update: At this time we are full for mentors for this event! If you want to sign up as a mentor, we can put you on a waiting list. Or, you could sign up as a mentee instead and maybe meet someone with expertise in a different area.

In addition to the RSVP link below please also complete the general mentoring questionnaire here -

This is like speed dating, where mentees will have five-to-10 minutes to talk to potential mentors, then cycle throughout the room for about an hour-and-a-half. At the end, people will fill out surveys with their preferences and we'll contact people about potential matches. We're hoping to do this at the beginning of the Summit, so hopefully mentors and mentees can have some face to face time throughout the week.

The new mentoring program sponsored the Women of OpenStack is designed to be a lightweight mentoring initiative to provide technical or career guidance to beginners in the community.  Mentees should already be part of the community; they should have gone through, or be familiar with the Upstream Training.

Technical mentoring doesn't just mean coding, we're looking for people who are a specialist in any area of OpenStack - for example docs or marketing.  Technical mentors and mentees should expect to spend about an hour a week talking about projects to get involved in, people to meet, anything to help their mentees get to their next step. Career mentors could be in a completely different area of OpenStack from their mentees.  They should expect to spend about an hour a month with their mentees offering more general career guidance, maybe helping their mentees make connections in the community. 

Monday, April 25, 7:00am-8:45am
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Emily has been working on IBM mainframe virtualization for 10 years, specializing in functional test, systems management and CPU virtualization.  She contributes to the OpenStack Tempest project and writes the occasional blog on OpenStack.  She has attended summits since Kilo and given Brown Bag talks and webcasts and a summit session on IBM z/VM and OpenStack.  She's also... FULL PROFILE