April 25-29, 2016

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Please note: All times listed below are in Central Time Zone

Upgrading OpenStack? Sit With Our Panel of Experts to Hear Their Stories

Upgrading OpenStack requires selecting the right strategy, thorough planning and accurate implementation to minimize the downtime of your OpenStack environment. There are many important steps and processes our panel of experts will recommend and share for planning your next OpenStack upgrade. Sit with the experts from Cisco, Intel, HP, Comcast and VMWare to discuss this topic in depth.


This panel discussion will include:

* Specific issues we ran into during the upgrade process 

* The solutions to the problems and how we overcame the roadblocks 

* Our upgrade success stories 

* The tools we used to perform the upgrades



* Steven Dake (Cisco, Kolla PTL) 

* Michal Jastrzebski (Intel, OSIC) 

* Tom Howley (HPE) 

* Sidharth Surana (VMware) 

* Basil Baby (Comcast) 

* Jan Grant (HPE)

* Charles Bitter as moderator (Comcast)

Tuesday, April 26, 4:40pm-5:20pm (9:40pm - 10:20pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Steven Dake currently serves as an elected Individual Director of the OpenStack Foundation.  Steve is focused on making multicloud computing a reality.  Steve is also actively involved in bridging communities between the OpenStack community and adjacent communities. Steve currently serves as a reviewer of some parts of Istio, in addition to contributing significant portions of the... FULL PROFILE
Intel Corporation
Michal is a senior cloud software engineer at Intel Corporation and one of tech leads of Openstack Innovation Center. Michal is making Openstack better since Grizzly. Michal is a Kolla core reviewer since the Liberty cycle and serves as Kolla PTL for Ocata and Pike releases. FULL PROFILE
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Tom is the Tech Lead for the HOS (Helion OpenStack) lifecycle management component, see Prior to this, Tom worked on HP's Public Cloud, initially working on the block storage solution and later focussing on HA across the cloud. Before entering the world of cloud, Tom worked in data analytics in the telecom sector and also co-founded a startup... FULL PROFILE
jan's worked for HPE on Openstack for a few years: initially on Nova, then TripleO, and now on HPE's Helion system - particularly on the tooling around deployment and upgrade, FULL PROFILE
Sidharth Surana is a Staff Engineer at VMware Inc. developing the VMware Integrated OpenStack product. He has been instrumental in design/implement various features for the VIO product. Few of the key features include OpenStack upgrade, patching for the product. FULL PROFILE
Basil Baby is a cloud Engineer at Comcast. He has involved in the architecture and integration of OpenStack to Comcast's infrastructure. Besides Openstack, interest areas include Python, Linux and networking. FULL PROFILE
Charles Bitter is a Senior Principal Engineer at Comcast, who enjoys working on large-scale open-source projects. Charles has been at Comcast for over 6 years and has been involved with OpenStack since 2015. Since working on OpenStack, he has worked on projects such as: CI/CD, keystone, neutron, and heat. Additionally, Charles provides technical leadership of Comcast’s OpenStack... FULL PROFILE