April 25-29, 2016

Event Details

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Lightning Talks

Share you knowledge with your fellow upstream developers! Lightning talks here can be anything from a neat feature your editor has which allows contributing to OpenStack easier. Maybe there is a lesser known OSLO library that you know would excite a wider audience. You could also have a neat documentation tool that would get the audience putting on their fancy socks!

  • A Tour of - Elizabeth K. Joseph
  • Grafyaml - Grafana Dashboards Using YAML - Paul Belanger
  • Using Gertty - James E. Blair
  • Adding a Project To OpenStack - Andrea Jaeger
  • How To Drive Downstream Packagers Mad - Thomas Goirand & Haïkel
  • Using device emulator to enhance CI - Moshe Levi
  • Using Bashate - Mathew R Odden

What can I expect to learn?

New tools, OSLO libraries, debugging techniques. All the things that make contributors of OpenStack excited to know more of.

Monday, April 25, 5:30pm-6:10pm (10:30pm - 11:10pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Open Infrastructure Foundation
Being a contributing member of OpenStack since 2010, Mike Perez has served as a core developer for the OpenStack block storage project Cinder and as a PTL for the Kilo and Liberty releases. During some of this time, he worked for DreamHost in helping with their OpenStack public cloud and helping with integrating a variety of block storage solutions like Ceph and Datera. Today he supports the... FULL PROFILE