April 25-29, 2016

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Stateless Hypervisors at Scale, We'll Do It Live!

In this presentation we will introduce a method of booting Nova hypervisors over the network into a stateless live booted operating system. By using a live operating system, we separate the stateless operating system running in RAM from the Nova configuration and instance data which is persistent on disk. Because the OS is an image, it's easier to jump across versions as you can load the latest version of the OS by either doing a reboot or a kexec. It also helps maintain consistency and ensures that whenever a machine goes down for maintenance or a reboot, it will come back on the latest and greatest build. We'll touch on how the OS can be maintained using Git and how CI/CD can be utilized to automatically generate the latest version of the build and deploy it.

What can I expect to learn?
  • What is a live OS and what is it useful for?
  • How to build a live bootable, stateless, version controlled server image using Jenkins and Ansible
  • How to deliver live images over the networks using Torrents for distribution
  • How to provision a reproducible environment for developers and quality engineers
Wednesday, April 27, 9:00am-9:40am (2:00pm - 2:40pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Antony Messerli is a Principal Engineer at Rackspace working on the Cloud Servers Engineering team and has been with Rackspace for 13+ years. FULL PROFILE