April 25-29, 2016

Event Details

Configure, Debug and Install OpenStack Trove



This session covers multi database deployment, configuration and debugging on OpenStack Trove. Now Trove supports more datastores than before. this session is about educating OpenStack community on Trove. The session also demonstrate some interactions with the Trove API including a demonstration of a deployment with a relational database (MySQL) and a non-relational database (MongoDB). This session contains demos on configuration, installation and debugging. 



Benefits over traditional databases.

1. Ease of deployment and use

2. Easy to configure and deployment

3. Help reduces cloud operational costs

What can I expect to learn?

How to configure Trove with Mysql and Mongo databases.  

debug and verifying the log information about trove, mysql and mongo db

various processes of trove, mysql and mongo db

Running some of the E2E tests


Thursday, April 28, 9:50am-10:30am
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Converged Cloud
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