April 25-29, 2016

Event Details's OpenStack Networking Strategy: Eliminating Network Failover Time recently made the big leap from nova-network to Neutron networking in order to increase network resiliency and reduce failover time.  We also chose to use the MidoNet Neutron plugin.

The results have been fantastic!

It used to be that moving 100 networks from the active nova-network node to the passive one resulted in network downtime for fifteen long, finger-crossing, pit-sweating minutes for us.  Now that we have fully distributed, active/active network gateways, there is no failover.  We now perform maintenance and reboots on our gateways and controllers in the middle of the day and our users do not feel it.  We also gained full visibility into all of our network flows within our clouds!

As an extra bonus, we now get to sit at the cool kids' table and throw around neat buzz-words like "SDN" and "VxLAN Tunnels".  

Come join us and we'll tell you what we did and show you how well it works.



What can I expect to learn?

By attending this session you will learn how overcame shortcomings in our original OpenStack networking implementation by deploying a robust SDN solution built on Neutron and MidoNet.

Monday, April 25, 11:15am-11:55am
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Mike Smith is the Lead Cloud Architect at and is responsible for the design, build-out, and operation of Overstock's private Openstack clouds in multiple locations. Mike has a long history of experience with online retail, Internet hosting and service virtualization. He has spoken at previous OpenStack Summits in Paris and Austin and is a co-organizer of the OpenStack Utah user... FULL PROFILE
Cynthia is the Director of Customer Success at Midokura. Her background in networking spans Data Center, Telecommunications, and Campus/Enterprise solutions. She is a frequent speaker at cloud conferences such as OpenStack Summits, OpenStack meetups and the IT Cloud Computing Conference (IC3). Cynthia has earned a number of professional certifications, including: Alcatel-Lucent Network Routing... FULL PROFILE