April 25-29, 2016

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Service Function Chaining – Technology Analysis and Perspective

Service chaining plays an important role in network function virtualization by stitching together an ordered list of virtual network functions, such as routers, firewalls, load balancers etc., to achieve a particular complex service that previously required multiple physical appliances. This presentation will review and analyze two major technologies that enable service function chaining, i.e. NSH-based SFC and BGPVPN-based SFC, followed by current status of various projects addressing SFC, MPLS / BGP VPN, and related APIs in OPNFV, OpenStack and Open Daylight. Lastly, this presentation will also review a prior PoC that implemented inter-DC SFC using BGPVPN technology.

The Telecom/NFV track is brought to you by OpenStack and OPNFV.

What can I expect to learn?

The audience is anyone who is interested in SFC technologies. Attendees can expect a detailed review of technology analysis of both BGPVPN and NSH that can enable SFC use cases. Attendees can also expect a landscaping of SFC / BGPVPN / NSH related projects in open source communities such as OPNFV, OpenStack and Open Daylight. In addition, attendees can also benefit from the introduction of a PoC that implemented inter-DC SFC using BGPVPN technology, and expectation from an end user perspective.

Wednesday, April 27, 9:50am-10:30am (2:50pm - 3:30pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Bin Hu is an innovation thought-leader and instrumental in diverse technology domains ranging from mobile Internet and web platform to network virtualization, SDN and cloud computing. He currently focuses on implementing AT&T's open source strategy in NFV, Edge and 5G. Bin is the Chairman of OPNFV TSC and Convener of OPNFV's Technical Community, driving OPNFV's technical vision and... FULL PROFILE
Red Hat
Tim Rozet is a Principal Software Engineer on the SDN team in the Office of Technology at Red Hat, Inc.  He is also the Project Technical Lead for the OPNFV Apex Installer project, and a committer on several other OPNFV projects including OPNFV Fast Data Stacks (FDS) and OPNFV Service Function Chaining (SFC).   He is active in the TripleO OpenStack project, OpenDaylight project,... FULL PROFILE