April 25-29, 2016

Event Details

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Experiences and Priorities for Private Cloud Keystone and Public Cloud Keystone

In this panel session, we bring together several Keystone experts to discuss their experiences with using Keystone in both private clouds and public clouds at scale.  Panel members will discuss the efforts they have been involved in with configuring and deploying Keystone to address issues such as improving performance at scale.  Panel members will discuss their experiences using advanced Keystone features such Fernet tokens and how these features have improved their deployments, and also what accommodations were needed to support this new feature properly.  Panel members will also discuss how they are preparing for Keystone's deprecation of its eventlet deployment model. Panel members from private cloud and public cloud, both vendor and non-vendor, will discuss Keystone issues that are most impactful to them and how they are driving Keystone in upcoming releases to improve its deployability, operability, and consumability.

What can I expect to learn?

Best practices, advanced deployment tips and tricks, common pitfalls, the issues each deployer has faced and mitigated, and their requirements for Keystone going forward.

Tuesday, April 26, 4:40pm-5:20pm (9:40pm - 10:20pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Steve Martinelli is a contributor to the OpenStack project, specifically focused on its Identity, Authentication and Authorization. He has served as the Project Team Lead for the Keystone project, OpenStack's Identity service. He primarily focuses on enabling Keystone, to better integrate into enterprise environments. Steve was responsible for adding Federated Identity and OAuth support to... FULL PROFILE
IBM, IBM Distinguished Engineer
Dr. Brad Topol is an IBM Distinguished Engineer in the IBM Cloud Architecture and Technology organization. In his current role, Brad leads a development team focused on contributing to and improving OpenStack and he has cross-IBM responsibility for coordinating its contributions to OpenStack. Brad serves as a member of the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors and is also an OpenStack core... FULL PROFILE
Principal Engineer
Dolph is an open source developer working in the OpenStack community. He truly enjoys fixing bugs, writing documentation, and helping the engineers around him become more productive. As a result, he has served as an OpenStack project technical lead (PTL) and on the OpenStack technical committee (TC). FULL PROFILE
Matt works at Accenture helping clients transform IT infrastructure operations with cloud and Devops. Previously, Matt was a Principal Software Engineer at Charter Communications and used devops to deliver self-service IT infrastructure and services using OpenStack. Matt's focus was primarily on configuring and deploying OpenStack using tools like puppet and ansible. A fan of open source... FULL PROFILE
Blue Box, an IBM Company
Jesse Keating is a Lead OpenStack Engineer at IBM. He has been a part of the Linux community for over 13 years, as a user, contributor, instructor, author, and evangelist. A believer in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. FULL PROFILE
OpenStack Infrastructure
as a result of leaks of passwords, tokens, keys and configuration from, many confidential data from developers, cloud environments, CI / CD systems may fall into the wrong hands. There is over 801 000 files, many of them contains secrets - already changed credentials of openstack project administrator - Monty Taylor is example (sorry man, and respect for... FULL PROFILE