April 25-29, 2016

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Deploy an Elastic, Resilient, Load-Balanced Cluster in 5 Minutes with Senlin

Elasticity, resiliency, load-balancing are among of the most-wanted features for services or applications deployed on a cloud. However, it takes a non-trivial effort to integrate pieces of technologies from different projects. There are many other subtle issues when users are buiding such a solution in a DIY manner.

Just think about choosing alarms from the various events and meters you can access; the complicated processes to hook these alarms to the proper operations; the need to watch your scaling cluster for node failures; the requirement for load-balancing...

This talk is about a simple and straightforward approach to deploy and manage a cluster which can be auto-scaled, load-balanced and resilient to node failures. By seemlessly integrating the clustering, telemetry, load-balance and orchestration services, we will show Senlin as the pivot for a practical, easy way to build a resource pool of web services on OpenStack.

What can I expect to learn?

Key takeaways:

  • An end-to-end solution integrated with clustering, load-balancing, auto-scaling and auto-healing: Senlin will work as the pivot to automatically hide the complicated configurations and preparation steps from users.
  • Design considerations in real-life when deploying and managing a resource pool:  Senlin provides OpenStack native resource model, like Cluster, Node Profile, with special considerations to extensibility.
  • Configuration options to evaluate when customization or adaptation is needed: Any behaviour, no matter when scale out/in or failure happens, can be customizable. Across-AZ, no problem! Recreate or rebuilt to recover, no problem!
  • Known limits in solutions based on current OpenStack services: Lession-learn and attention-caught points collected from early trial users.
Tuesday, April 26, 11:15am-11:55am (4:15pm - 4:55pm UTC)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Xinhui Li is senior architect of VMware and leads the team working on NFV product development and integration with open ecosystem. She serves as ONAP TSC (Technique Steering Committee) member representing VMware and served as OPENO TSC representative. She has led the team of Multi-Cloud project as the PTL (Project Technique Leader) and delivered ONAP Amsterdam and Beijing releases. She is also... FULL PROFILE
IBM, Research Scientist
Qiming Teng is a researcher working at the Cloud Infrastructure and Service department, IBM China Research Lab (CRL). His research interests include system software, virtualization, cloud, Java resource management, performance profiling tools. Starting from early 2013, Qiming has been researching topics related to high availability, auto-scaling of virtual machines, applications in a cloud... FULL PROFILE
Yanyan Hu is a researcher from IBM China Research Lab. His research field is mainly about Cloud computing and virtualization. He is now contributing to several Openstack projects, including Senlin, Zun/Higgins, Heat, Ceilometer and also working on business solutions that related to private cloud. Currently, he is focusing on continuous service deployment and management cross multiple... FULL PROFILE
Auth0, Principal Engineer
Mark Voelker is currently a Principal Engineer at Auth0, but generally prefers to think of himself as a breadth-first technologist. In past lives he has worked as a software engineer, engineering manager, and architect designing web applications, automation systems, mobile apps, traffic generators, and more weasely hacks than he can shake a stick at. He also helped design and... FULL PROFILE