April 25-29, 2016

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OpenStack and Opendaylight: The Current Status and Future Direction

One of the biggest use-case of opendaylight use-cases are openstack integration. It has been focused for past releases and still been addressed. In this presentation, the high level overview of the architecture of the integration of opendaygliht and openstack as introduction, and the current status will be shown. What will newly come for Opendaylight Beryllium release and OpenStack Mitaka release like support for BGPVPN and L2gateway for opendaylight, networking-odl rewrite for openstack side. Future plan will be discussed with its challenges. Since our efforts handles both two big project, i.e. opendaylight and openstack, it's a challenge to coordinate two independent release plan assuring the quality. Both components need to be touched. In the second half, how to deploy opendaylight with openstack will be discussed and the development process and how to contribute will shown. At last we will have question time to get feedback for future direction/development process.

What can I expect to learn?

The attendee will learn about opendaylight integration with openstack The current status, what will newly come for Mitaka release, what's planned for the next N release and the further future direction of it. Audience will learn only the status, but also development process so that they can give feedback/influence on what should be focused/handled.

Wednesday, April 27, 4:30pm-5:10pm
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Intel OTC
Isaku Yamahata is a Software architect in the Open Source Technology Center, Intel. His main focus is Network virtualization as Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization. Isaku is an active OpenStack Neutron (networking), networkig-odl developer and has in the past contributed significantly to qemu, kvm, Xen, and Ryu SDN frameworks. FULL PROFILE
Vishal Thapar works as Senior Tech Lead with Ericsson SDN Conroller project and currently committer on OVSDB, Netvirt, Genius and VPNService Projects in OpenDaylight. He is also a contibutor to Networking-ODL and Networking-BGPVPN projects in OpenStack. Vishal has over six years of experience in SDN/OpenFlow. Earlier, apart from designing high availability in the solutions developed... FULL PROFILE
Brocade - Unaffiliated
Anil Vishnoi is a Principle Software Engineer at Brocade R&D, US. His research & development focus includes SDN, network virtualization, cloud and data center networks. Anil has been an active participant in OpenDaylight since inception and contributed to a number of projects and technologies including the OpenDaylight Controller, OpenFlow Plugin Project, OpenDaylight OVSDB... FULL PROFILE
Working with HP from past 13 years on networking domain and an active contributor in ODL . Being with the networking business of HP past 13 years worked on area like netwokring management, Openflow, SDN controller, l2 gateway  and campus edge networking, played a major role in design and development of solutions delivered to valuable customers. FULL PROFILE
Arvind is an active contributor to Openstack. He has been involved with Neutron since the essex timeframe where he added Horizon integration for Neutron/quantum. In addition to that he authored the first Cisco plugin for intelligent parallel orchestration of Cisco devices with Neutron. He has also driven key features in Neutron like dynamic segmentation.  Arvind's current focus is on Istio... FULL PROFILE
Red Hat Inc.
Sam Hague is a Senior Principal Engineer in the Office of Technology at Red Hat, Inc. He is the Project Technical Lead for the OpenDaylight Network Virtualization project and committer on other ODL projects related to service function chaining, neutron and containers as well as the OPNFV SFC and APEX projects. Previous experience includes leading the software development at Extreme Networks... FULL PROFILE